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Dialup Networking Setup Instructions for Windows 95

You may find it convenient to print out these instructions so that you may refer them while setting up your Internet connection.

If you have any questions, please call us at 389-1303 or email us at:

First make sure your modem is properly installed and configured.

Setting Up Dialup Networking

  1. Click on Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> Internet Tools --> Internet Setup Wizard

    If you don't not have this menu option you will have to install the Internet Setup Wizard (see 'Installing the Internet Setup Wizard' below).

  2. In the "Welcome to Internet Setup Screen" screen,

    Click on Next

  3. In the "How to Connect screen"

    Click on "Connect using my phone line"

    Click on Next

    If you haven't configured your modem a "You Need a Modem" screen will appear. Follow the directions to configure your modem.

  4. In the second 'How to Connect' screen

    Click on "I already have an account with a different service provider"

    Click on Next

  5. In the "Internet Mail" screen

    Click on Yes if you wish to use Microsoft Exchange

    - OR -

    Click on No if you wish to use Netscape mail (Recommended)

    Click on Next

    Click Next . . .

    . . . and watch as the files are installed

  6. In the "Service Provider Information" screen

    Type in "Central Oregon Internet" or "COInet" or whatever you want the icon name to be.

    Click on Next

  7. In the "Phone Number" screen

    Type in the area code, 541, and phone number 382-5051. 56K accounts enter 617-6289

    The "Bring up terminal window after dialing button" should NOT be checked.

    Click on Next.

  8. In the "User Name and Password" screen

    Enter your username

    Enter your password

    Click on Next

  9. In the "IP Address" screen

    Click on "My Internet Service Provider automatically assigns me one"

    Click on Next

  10. In the "DNS Server Address" screen

    Enter DNS server

    Enter DNS alternate

    Click on Next

  11. In the "Finished Setup" screen

    Click on Finish

    Dialup Networking is now configured. The dialer will automatically initiate an Internet connection each time you run an Internet application (if you aren't already connected).

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